About CTA and JET I.C.U.

CTA shares its headquarters with our sister company, JET I.C.U., an internationally accredited air ambulance company.

CTA is not like other travel coverage companies.

We do not call an assistance company that will put your need for an emergency medical transport out to bid. Upon confirming the medically necessary transport, CTA with JET I.C.U. will make all the necessary arrangements to provide the appropriate method of transport for your medical condition.

With a contractual agreement with CTA’s sister company JET I.C.U. and both companies located in the same building, you only have to make one call when faced with an emergency. When a call is received, CTA’s Medical Director, in consultation with the attending physician, will decide to repatriate based upon your medical condition, the Member’s “Fit To Fly” status, and the most appropriate means of travel. If repatriation by commercial travel is deemed unacceptable, and once the travel arrangements are confirmed, within 90 minutes one of our teams is in the air to bring you home.